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Contact Details
  • Company Name
  • Norel S.A.
  • Contact Person
  • Ms. Minerva Pujol
  • Telephone
  • 34 - 91 - 5014041
  • Fax
  • 34 - 91 - 5014644
  • Email
  • norel@norel.es
  • Street Address
  • Jesus Aprendiz, 19. 1ยบ A-B
  • Town/City
  • Madrid
  • Country/Location
  • Spain
  • Postal Code
  • 28007
  • Website
  • http://www.norel.es
Anilox is a unique combination of antioxidants produced from our exclusive method of manufacture that produces a synergetic effect, which keeps the molecules permanently active thereby increasin their...
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Apetenzyma is a range of flavours in powder form that act as stimulants: increasing the appetite of the animal and the palatability of the feed.
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Instant sweetness to stimulate taste buds. Dulcoapetente sweetener range, has been designed precisely to cover any bitter or disagreeable taste in animal diets. For pigs up to 4 months of age, for rum...
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Ecobiol in feed improves feed conversion ratio in broilers thanks to the enzyme secretion (proteases and amylases) and the production of lactic acid. It has a strong positive influence on the intestin...
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Fecinor is a stable, concentrated biological additive from the strain Enterococcus faecium with a very high capacity for multiplication and colonisation. Improves the production indices and the health...
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Fluidarom is a range of flavours in micro-granular form tha act as promoter of appetite and intake. For pigs, ruminants, horses, piglets,...
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Funginat, based on dipropionates for control of moulds. Preservative for microbial control of raw materials and conctrates used for animal feeds (all species and all ages)
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A combination of dipropionates and formates: for the control of moulds and enterobacteria. The range inlcudes a version with formaldehyde.
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Glymet is an organic omplex based on glycine and mineral with the smallest molecular wight among organic minerals, highest mineral content per chelate unit and more savings per ton of feed suplemented
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Protects the animal against pathogenic bacteria,natural groth promoter,ensures the integrity of the intestinal wall,increases absorption of nutrients,higher weight gain and better feed conversion.Bene...
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