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Contact Details
  • Company Name
  • Ayurvet Limited
  • Contact Person
  • Dr. Praful Kumar
  • Telephone
  • 91 - 11 - 22455992 ( 94 )
  • Fax
  • 91 - 11 - 22455991
  • Mobile
  • 91 - 90 - 13474749
  • Email
  • pverma@ayurvet.com
  • Street Address
  • 6th Floor, Sagar Plaza, District Centre, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg
  • Town/City
  • Delhi
  • Country/Location
  • India
  • Postal Code
  • 110092
  • Website
  • http://www.ayurvet.com
Ayucal D
Ayucal D is calcium and phosphorus supplement with synergistic herbs which not only supply calcium and phosphorus but also ensure proper assimilation and utilization so that egg shell are stronger and...
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Ayucee is a Natural Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids which has absorbtion and retention in the body when compared to synthetic vitamins. Unlike, synthetic vitamin C, it acts in two phases Aquous and Lipid...
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Chikimune is balanced nutritional supplement for day old chick for just 2 days only so that their gut is proper developed and immunity is better right from the beginning. Chikimune is proven to produc...
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Methiorep is phytoadditive for poultry and pigs which can produce the same effect as methionine does in the body with special advantage of lower cost and food safety.
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Respzz is a herbal tonic which gives relief to poultry and pig during respiratory discomfort caused by many diseases like CRD, coryza, pox etc. It can be used as preventive medicine or therapeutic and...
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Salcochek is antidiarrhoeal product made from herbal extracts in synergy which prevents diarrohea and colonization of Salmonella and Ecoli in intestine to maintain healthy gut functions. Salcocheck al...
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Stresroak is Herbal Immunomodulator, Antistress, Adaptogen and Performance Enhancer. It helps to counteract stress and improve vaccination response, growth and productivity of broilers, layers and bre...
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Superliv is herbal liver formula for better protection and production from Toxins, Drug metabolites, Pressure of peak production and disease episodes. It regenerates and tones up parenchyma resulting ...
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Toxiroak is multiple toxin binder which contains powder of synergistic herbs and activated HSCAS, MOS etc which can bind and neutralize the toxin/mycotoxin in feed and liver effectively.
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