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Contact Details
  • Company Name
  • Norel S.A.
  • Contact Person
  • Ms. Minerva Pujol
  • Telephone
  • 34 - 91 - 5014041
  • Fax
  • 34 - 91 - 5014644
  • Email
  • norel@norel.es
  • Street Address
  • Jesus Aprendiz, 19. 1ยบ A-B
  • Town/City
  • Madrid
  • Country/Location
  • Spain
  • Postal Code
  • 28007
  • Website
  • http://www.norel.es
It's a calcium soap of palm fatty acids, which is highly digestible and boosts milk fat conent as well as milk yield. Palmitic acid increases milk fat content. It's highly recommended for dairy cattle...
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Calcium soap of palm fatty acis,highly digestible and boosts milk yield and milk fat content as well as fertility of high producing dairy cows.It is a concentrate source of energy that is rumen protec...
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Qualitegg optimises the intestinal balance thanks to the incorporation of VFA,improves nutrients absorption,enhancig the egg size,increases the calcium availability,resolving the shell problems,microb...
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Rumalac is a combination of organic acid salts especially designed to improve the ruminal environment and milk yield on dairy farms
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Rumalato increases diet digestibility, maintains an optimum rumen pH, reduces lactid acid and increases propionic acid concentration. For steers and lambs
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Based on diformates for control of enterobacterias. the range includes a version with formalhehyde.
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It's an inorganic mycotoxin sequestrant that has undergone many studies both for the combination of ingredients and the correct level of each those components to ensure maximum capacity to absorb the ...
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