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Contact Details
  • Company Name
  • BIOMIN Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Contact Person
  • Dr. Justin Tan
  • Telephone
  • 65 - 66318008
  • Fax
  • 65 - 62754743
  • Email
  • office.singapore@biomin.net
  • Street Address
  • 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #08-08, E-Centre@Redhill
  • Town/City
  • Singapore
  • Country/Location
  • Singapore
  • Postal Code
  • 159471
  • Website
  • http://www.biomin.net/en/
AquaStar® is the multi-strain probiotic product line of BIOMIN specifically designed for aquatic species. It consists of several carefully selected bacterial strains with superior probiotic and biode...
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AquaStar® PondZyme
AquaStar® PondZyme is the bioremediation solution to improve challenging pond conditions in shrimp and fish farming. It contains several well-defined beneficial bacteria and pure enzyme blends.
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Biomin® BioStabil
The Biomin® BioStabil product line is a formulation of selected lactic acid bacteria for silage inoculation, leading to higher energy and protein contents in silages.
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Biomin® CleanGrain liquid
Biomin® CleanGrain liquid is a unique blend of active substances for the preservation of grains and by-products, and offers excellent protection against spoilage caused by molds, yeasts and bacteria.
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Biomin® HEPAprotect-Aqua
Biomin® HEPAprotect-Aqua is designed to prevent liver damage in aquatic species. Active components such as flavonoids and antioxidants protect the liver and enhance hepatic function.
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BIOMIN® Phytase
Biomin® Phytase is a 3rd generation E. coli-derived enzyme that is highly efficient in breaking down indigestible phytic acid (phytate) in grains and oil seeds.
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Biomin® Premixes
Biomin® Premixes support the need for diets supplemented with essential nutrients to produce healthy and high-performing animals.
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The Biotronic® acidifier series improve feed and water hygiene, and specifically target Gram-negative pathogens such as Salmonella sp., E. coli and Campylobacter sp.
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Biotronic® Top3
Biotronic® Top3 is a synergistic blend of organic acids, phytochemical and a unique Biomin® perforizing substance. All three components work synergistically to combat harmful bacteria and enhance an...
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The Digestarom® product line consists of specifically-formulated phytogenic products designed to support digestion and feed efficiency by combining unique flavoring properties with biologically-activ...
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