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Ying Ji Ting
Ying Ji Ting
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  • Company Name
  • Shanghai Bangcheng Biotech Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Person
  • Bao Quan Wang
  • Telephone
  • 86 - 21 - 64766200
  • Fax
  • 86 - 21 - 64768599
  • Town/City
  • Shanghai
  • Country/Location
  • China
  • Postal Code
  • 200231
  • Street Address
  • 462 Shangzhong Road
  • Website
  • http://www.bcsl.com.cn
Product Description
Product Name : Ying Ji Ting
Unit Size : 1 kg
Packaging Type : 1 kg×20/Box Packed in paper Box
Product Origin : China
There are many kinds of stress that farm animal, fowl or fisheries have to face during their growth process. For example, low or high environmental temperature, crowd, drive, ablactation, immunity, transport, slaughter, and so on.

Stress not only always cause animal dysphoria, anorexia, slowdown growth rate and reduced feed rewards, but also affect animal's resistance to disease and easily being infected. To the worst, stress can lead to high mortality. So avoiding stress can markedly increase animal production.

Scientific research works indicate that stress in animal really is animal's non-specific defensive physiological reaction against unfriendly environmen.t. When the stress takes place, sympathetic nerve will be excited, the level of adrenalin and adrenocortical hormone raised, which leading to hypertension, followed by expedited velocity of blood, organic hepation and protein catabolism, raised level of blood sugar. Simultaneously, immunity of animal is reduced.

YING JI TING, manufactured by Shanghai Bangcheng Feed Science & Technology Co., Ltd, is the new generation of herbal antistressor. The product is researched and developed in light of animal physiological and biochemical characteristic and home or overseas new research developments.

Methionine cobalt, organic selenium, steady vitamin C, asparic acid magnesium;

Combination extracts including Wu Chia Pee, Fu Shen, Ci Wu Chia, seaweed, liquorice, etc.

- Reducing basal metabolization and blood sugar level of animal, and causing animal addict to sleep and eating.
- Effectively controlling adrenalin and adrencortical hormone level during stress, then restraining protein catabolism and facilitating protein assimilation.
- Evidently reducing animal pathological process to various stress reaction and prolonging their resistance time. So it can improve animal adaptability to stress.
- Reducing the possibility of ill react such as anorexia, slowdown growth rate, lowed laying rate, weakly resistibility to disease, and improving animal growth and feed conversion efficiency.

Types of Ying Ji Ting
1) YingJiTing 181
181 is specially developed for poultry which produce meat.
Recommend dosage:(Unit: per 1000kg formulated feed)
Chicken: Prophase: 50-100g Anaphase: 75-120g
Duck: Prophase: 40-80g Anaphase: 60-80g
Goose: 40-100g
Quail: 50-120g

2) YingJiTing 182
182 is specially developed for laying poultry.
Recommend dosage: (Unit:per 1000kg formulated feed)
Laying hens: 50-100g Breeding hens: 60-120g
Laying ducks: 60-80g Breeding ducks: 60-80g
Quail: 50-120g

3) YingJiTing 183
183 is specially developed for swine.
Recommend dosage: (Unit: per 1000kg formulated feed)
Piglet(≤15kg): 80-100g Growing swine(15-60kg): 60-120g
Finishing swine(≥120kg): 60-120g Pregnant sow: 40-80g
Suckling sow: 60-100g Breeding swine: 40-80g

4) YingJiTing 184
184 is specially developed for fisheries.
Recommend dosage: (Unit: per 1000kg formulated feed)
Fish: 60-120g Shrimp: 50-100g
Crab: 60-150g Turtle: 50-100g

USAGE: Fully mix with feed before supplied to animal.

NOTICE: Forbid to use with any other ataractic antistress medicine together.

STORAGE: Stored in shady,cool and dry place with good ventilation.

Quality Assuring Period: 2 years
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