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FlaMotin®R Liquid
FlaMotin®R Liquid
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  • Philip Blair Magdaherin
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Product Description
Product Name : FlaMotin®R Liquid
Unit Size : 25 l.
Packaging Type : Plastic container or 200 liter drum
Product Origin : United States
The Feed-active Broad Spectrum Anti-microbial with Non-specific Kill Kinetics

Importance of antimicrobials in Poultry Salmonella, often known as the microscopic animal, a gram negative bacteria is probably the most vexing of bacterial infections in poultry, because of its unique characteristics of hardy, often intracellular nature, tissue migration and vertical transmission. Poultry is more prone during the first few weeks of life and once contracted, it can remain in the flock for generations. It spreads horizontally through shedding in feces and vertically through egg, ovary being their site of predilection. Irrespective of its route of entry, salmonella can reach ovaries due its tissue migration capability and remain dormant till the ovaries mature. Eggs could get infected through contaminated feces. This poses a threat of infection to egg consuming human beings. Salmonella is also typical in that it can cause losses almost at every stage of life of chicken, - early chick mortality, decreased egg production, infection of ovary, defects in egg formation, poor fertility, poor hatchability, etc. Treatment of Salmonellosis is possible, however, in most cases the affected birds remain carriers post recovery.

'Prevention is better than cure' is the right approach against salmonella. Among various sources, Feed, is identified as the largest followed by litter. Feed ingredients, especially, animal proteins are potential sources of salmonella and other microorganisms into feed. 'Blind spots' in feed mill often act as depots of salmonella and other microorganisms continuously discharging them into feed during production.Virtually every stage of feed chain is prone to contamination. Therefore, birds, particularly the breeding stock are prone to recurrent exposure of salmonella and other microorganisms through feed, which often overwhelms the standard modes of protection. Biosecurity coupled with Feed treatment is proven to be the ideal strategy.

Although Heat Treatment of feed is effective killing salmonella and other microorganisms, its practice is limited on account of higher capital costs, loss of nutrients, risk of recontamination, etc. Chemical treatment with organic acids and their salts has been established to be the ideal method of feed treatment owing to their non specific mode of action, ease of application, natural source, preservation of nutrient value, no residual effect, protection against recontamination etc. apart from being economically viable.

FlaMotin®R Liquid is a feed-active, resistance-free broad spectrum antimicrobial developed by design of research to control the microbial load of feed and raw materials.

• FlaMotin® R Liquid is a synergistic combination of various feed-active organic acids with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
• FlaMotin® R Liquid exerts non-specific kill kinetics
• FlaMotin® R Liquid is stable at pelleting temperatures
• FlaMotin R Liquid is non-toxic and non-corrosive

• FlaMotin® R Liquid inhibits and controls microbial load in feed and raw materials
• FlaMotin® R Liquid has proven efficacy against Salmonella, E. coli, and other common microorganisms in feed and raw materials
• FlaMotin® R Liquid is an effective tool for Salmonella control program
• FlaMotin® R Liquid minimizes shedding of Salmonella and other microorganisms in droppings and improves microbial quality of litter/cage
• FlaMotin® R Liquid prevents horizontal spread of Salmonella
• FlaMotin® R Liquid improves hatchability and minimizes early chick mortality in birds
• FlaMotin® R Liquid does not induce microbial resistance
• FlaMotin® R Liquid prevents recontamination of feed and raw materials by microorganisms
• FlaMotin® R Liquid helps disinfect blind spots in feed mill and improve feed mill hygiene
• FlaMotin® R Liquid minimizes farm losses due to microbial infections
• FlaMotin® R Liquid controls molds in feed and raw materials
• FlaMotin® R Liquid has no residual effects or feed with drawl periods and is safe for every life stage of poultry
• FlaMotin® R Liquid is safe for use in all life stages of poultry

FlaMotin® R Liquid is a synergistic combination of select feed-active organic acids and their salts in right proportions for a broad spectrum resistance free antimicrobial activity.

FlaMotin® R Liquid is recommended at the rate of 4 to 6kg per ton of feed, depending on the type of raw materials used, levels of microbial load and risk of recontamination. Please consult your Nutritionist or Technical Services Cell of Bentoli AgriNutrition for further assistance.

Flamotin® Dry is recommended to be added directly into the Mixer. For best results, ensure accurate addition and thorough mixing of the product.

FlaMotin® R Liquid is a whitish grey to brown powder with a strong pungent odor. Change in color of the product does not affect its performance.

The ingredients of FlaMotin® R Liquid are approved for sale and use in animal feeds by FDA in USA. FlaMotin® R Liquid has no residual effect or with drawl periods.

FlaMotin® R Liquid is stable for 18 months from the date of manufacture.

FlaMotin® R Liquid should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container closed when not in use.

FlaMotin® R Liquid is available in 25 liter plastic containers and 200 liter drums.

FlaMotin® R Liquid is compatible for use with all commonly used ingredients in feed and premixes.
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