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Feed Ration Balancer
Feed Ration Balancer
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  • Feed Management Systems, Inc
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  • Lori Harner
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  • 1 - 763 - 5608139
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  • 1 - 763 - 5608160
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  • Brooklyn Center
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  • Minnesota
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  • United States
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  • 55430
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  • 6120 Earle Brown Drive, Ste 300
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  • http://www.feedsys.com
Product Description
Product Name : Feed Ration Balancer
Unit Size : 1 others
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Product Origin : United States

Feed Tags from Feed Management Systems is the industry standard solution providing business logic in a feed management software solution that ensures the highest compliance for labeling. This product is a versatile label generator that evaluates medications in feed formulas for accuracy and automatic compliance with AAFCO/CFIA labeling requirements and inclusion restrictions. Feed Tags creates professional-looking labels directly in Microsoft Word. You can control the overall feed-tag appearance, and you can even print graphics on the label, such as your logo, your customer's logo, or the type of livestock the feed is for.The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) awarded our Feed Tags solution with the 2005 Food Safety Innovation Award. Feed Tags offers you these benefits and more: · Tracks medications in formulas and assesses allowable concentrations, the presence of other drugs, and the intended species. If the medication in a formula is not valid, the user is informed and the tag is not generated. · Tags include all required information, such as indications for use, warning statements, and any customer-defined label statements. · You control the sequence of information and the font for each section of information on the feed tag. · Takes the guaranteed analysis statement required on all commercial labels directly from the database and organizes it according to parameters you set - which nutrients you want listed, the relative guarantee expressions, the degree of numerical rounding, and the units of expression. · Connect to the optional Compendium is a comprehensive database of medications allowed in animal feeds as set out in Rule 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. It includes medicated nutrients, allowed inclusion rates per species, and the required statements and warnings. Canadian Medicated Ingredient Brochures (MIB) information is also included. Changes to this information are monitored and updates are posted to the FMS website on a regular basis. When updates are posted, Feed Tags can automatically update the compendium information. · Prints up-to-date feed tags on demand, thus alleviating the requirement to print batches of tags for use later. · Flexible bar-coding capabilities allow you to create several bar code formats that can include information such as formula code, lot number, date and/or version number. · Archiving function tracks labels used with each revision of a product. This traceability provides a link from the archived tag to the archived production formula.

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