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Digestarom® P.E.P. MGE
Digestarom® P.E.P. MGE is a matrix-encapsulated phytogenic feed additive based on a synergistic blend of essentials to help animals maintain a healthy gut.
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Excential Butycoat
Excential Butycoat's microencapsulation addresses the release and bioactivity of butyrate throughout the whole GIT. Excential Butycoat promotes villi length in small intestines, modulates micro flora ...
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Cap Acid
CAP’ACID is a mix of selected organic and inorganic acids coated with a specific matrix (patented process).. The specific coating technology enables to delay and target the release of acids all alo...
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InVivo NSA
Encapsulated, release, feed, acid, organic, essential oil, phyto, performance, gut, digestive, intestine, improvement, status, bacteria, modulating, formic Encapsulated, release, feed, acid, organic, ...
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Soda Feed Ingredients
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