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TakTik® X-IN
TakTik® X-IN
Contact Details
  • Company Name
  • Pancosma S.A.
  • Contact Person
  • Jennifer Maurin
  • Telephone
  • 41 - 22 - 9298452
  • Fax
  • 41 - 22 - 9298495
  • Town/City
  • Le Grand-Saconnex
  • State/Province
  • (Genève)
  • Country/Location
  • Switzerland
  • Postal Code
  • CH-1218
  • Street Address
  • Voie-des-Traz 6
  • Website
  • http://www.pancosma.com/
Product Description
Product Name : TakTik® X-IN
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : 25kg bags
Product Origin : Switzerland

Pancosma has developed and accumulated a wide knowledge in the field of additives, from palatants to bioactive plant extracts and organic trace elements. Each of these products was designed to target specific concerns in animal nutrition and productivity. Today, nutritionists and animal feed manufacturers face complex challenges and require new products with specific and targeted applications and effects.

The TakTik® concept uses detailed scientific know-how and micro-precision technology to develop multi-component products that target specific and emerging requirements of feed compounders and their customers.

Using this multi-disciplinary, multi-component approach, Pancosma develops, manufactures and promotes innovative all-in-one solutions - with no equivalent - for animal nutrition.

TakTik® X-IN is Pancosma’s state-of-the-art synthesis of sweetening and flavouring taste enhancement with bioactive micro-nutrients and patented encapsulation technology.

TakTik® X-IN is designed to address two main challenges: to increase feed intake (and thereby address the risk of reduced or delayed growth); and to support the natural fragility and immaturity of piglet intestines.

To enhance feed intake, TakTik® X-IN is a unique combination of a sweet taste enhancer, core encapsulated inside an outer layer of anethole, the flavouring and bioactive plant extract. This combination offers unique properties.
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