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  • Behn Meyer Nutri-Vet Sdn. Bhd.
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  • Teh Hun Siang
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  • 60 - 3 - 80263333
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  • 60 - 3 - 80263399
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  • Malaysia
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  • 47600
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Product Description
Product Name : PRESERVE
Unit Size : 55 gal (US)
Packaging Type : pack-aged and delivered in 55-gallon plastic drums (500 Ibs./drum), in skid tanks of 300 gallons, and in bulk up to 5000 gallons.
Product Origin : Malaysia
PRESERVE is a buffered liquid feed grain mold inhibitor containing 67.5% propionic acid, humectant, and other synergists. Its ammoniated buffered pH reduces excessive acidity and corrosive activity. Excellent inhibition and protective action against mold proliferation in feed, along with the ability to control microorganisms.

PRESERVE contains more free propionic acid and more total propionic acid than any other mold inhibitor, which makes it better, stronger, and more effective mold inhibitor.

Free Acids: PRESERVE contains 58% free propionic acid which provides an immediate penetration (shock treatment) to control mold and microbial growth in animal feed and feed ingredients.
-Acid to control mycotoxins and yeast in animal feed.
-Fast vapor action that penetrates the grain, attacking the existing molds and other organisms.

Buffered Salt of Acids: (Propionate). For continued slow release of acids (residual).
-Dust prevention for health and safety purposes.
-pH control for product stability, corrosion protection, and safety.
-Slow acid release for residual mold control activity.

Effect on Fungi and Bacteria:
PRESERVE, in addition to its fungicidal properties, is antimicrobial which inhibits and reduces further growth of microorganisms in feedstuff. Test results also show that PRESERVE inhibits the fungal growth and reduces the existing fungus. "University study confirms that PRESERVE effectively decontaminates finished feed and animal byproducts from salmonella.

Feed grain treated with PRESERVE has higher nutritional retention value and improved ani-mal performance resulting from better feed conversion and safer feed.

Physical and Chemical Properties of PRESERVE:
Ingredients: Propionic Acid (67.5%), Sodium Proprionate, Ammonium Proprionate, Propylene Glycol
Appearance: Clear to Pale Yellow
pH: 4.9-5.1 Buffered
Odor: Faint-Pleasant
Specific Gravity: 1.07
Flashpoint: Non-Flammable
Boiling Point: +120°C
Toxicity: In rat, LD50 appr. 3,400 mg/kg rat, oral
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