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Product Description
Product Name : DMX-7
Unit Size : 250 kg
Packaging Type : 250 kg per drum
Product Origin : United States
It is very common to see sweating and other related problems associated with it that greatly downgrade grain quality in storage. Aeration alone is not the answer to solving these problems. It is more effective to chemically manage the moisture presence in grain.

We have shown the Grain & Feed Milling Industry that DMX-7, together with good silo and aeration management, the closest that anyone has ever seen in the last 30 years or more, a proven concept and approach to achieving the ultimate in grain quality from germ damage, discoloration, dry matter loss, nutritional loss, weight loss, mold damage & it's related danger from toxin, insect infestation & contaminations related to it.

DMX-7 has shown promising result in the production of higher moisture feed. With the ideal steam quality being fed into the conditioner, the deliquescents in DMX-7 will physically bond to water molecules and this is how available moisture from steam can be effectively infused into the meal for improved geletinization and pellet quality, thereon locking it in, minimizing moisture loss going through the entire pelleting process. In post production, it will continue to hold the extra moisture in place ensuring stability from mold contamination, maintaining freshness going through transit, storage, and right up to the feeders. The benefits and economic potential of producing higher moisture feeds is tremendous. Earning the extra value from moisture is one aspect; a better pellet quality & feed value plus a higher productivity is another.

Technically, the surfactant used by some products is basically a surface active substance that reduces surface tension of fluids. This has no significance whatsoever in the management of moisture and will not work in the same manner as the deliquescents used in DMX-7. Deliquescent is a family of chemical that will dissolve and become liquid by absorbing moisture in the air. Different deliquescent has different moisture absorption characteristics and DMX-7 is chemically formulated with a delicate blending of such substances to optimize the management of moisture in a fine balance. DMX-7 claims a patented and exclusive use of deliquescents, featuring the only moisture management program that is chemically more effective in handling moisture. No other products can lay claim to this feature if deliquescents are not being used.

In using DMX-7, there is a definite return of investment that will make more money for any company, unlike ordinary mold inhibitors, which is basically a cost. “It is not how much you pay for a product but how much you benefit out of your spending that is important".

For this same reason, we frequently have customers on other cheaper products changing over to DMX-7 after testing in actual storage and production conditions. DMX-7 could be more expensive but the benefits and gains far outweigh this small difference.

Today, DMX-7 is almost a generic name when it comes to exporting corn gluten meal from USA to the Pacific Rim, for the one reason that it is the only product that can effectively maintain the quality of the material shipped bulk in containers. Again, it is the unique features of DMX-7 that is making it so successful in this highly valued feed commodity.

The same dual features of a long residual value of the propionic acid plus moisture management that we constantly emphasize, as an absolute priority for the ultimate mold inhibitor.
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