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MinPlex® Manganese
MinPlex® Manganese
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Product Description
Product Name : MinPlex® Manganese
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : Heat Sealed PE bag
Product Origin : United States
MinPlex® Manganese
The Stabilized Organic Manganese for All Livestock Species

Role of Manganese in Livestock
Manganese is an important trace mineral in animal nutrition. In general, Manganese is an activator of enzyme systems in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nucleic acids.
It is also essential for normal brain function, and plays a role in collagen formation, bone growth, urea formation, synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, protein digestion, eggshell formation, and the function of the immune system. Manganese is a cofactor in superoxide dismutase and required for the synthesis of chondroitin-4-sulfate, which is required for proper wound healing. Manganese is also reported to play a keyrole in scavenging free oxygen radicals produced by cells of immune system in response to killing microbes, thus preventing tissue damage. Manganese also has a critical role in fertility of livestock.
Its deficiency causes retarded growth and bone development, skeletal deformities, poor fertility (silent heat, depressed reproduction, repeat breeding) poor quality young ones etc.
Manganese is poorly absorbed from gut and its retention is also poor in the body, hence is a sensitive trace mineral in animal nutrition. Feed ingredients are primary sources of Manganese to livestock and hence its levels in feed are dependent on the soil content where the feed ingredients are grown. The bioavailability of elemental Manganese is significantly in terfered by other minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron),
bioinhibitors like tannins, phytates, fibre, enzymes etc. Manganese can be supplemented in both organic and inorganic forms.

Why Organic Manganese
Inorganic supplementation of Manganese as its salts has been in vogue for several years. As the salts of Manganese have unreliable solubility and poor bioavailability of mineral, the need for a precise and reliable source was felt which resulted in evolution of organic forms of Manganese. Of various forms available in the market, Manganese chelates and complexes with amino acids have been proven as useful tools in Manganese supplementation. Organic forms stable in various pH levels of the gut have been proven to offer highest bioavailability.

MinPlex® Manganese is an amino acid chelate of elemental Manganese developed by design of research to be stable in a wide range of gut pH for superior bioavailability.

· MinPlex® Manganese is elemental Manganese chelated with amino acids
· MinPlex® Manganese is optimally stabilized that maintains the molecule intact in a wide range of pH between 2.0 and 7.2

· MinPlex® Manganese offers superior bioavailability of elemental Manganese
· MinPlex® Manganese is stable in presence of other chelating agents and bioinhibitors in feed
· MinPlex® Manganese improves reproductive performance (heat detection, semen quality, conception rate)
· MinPlex® Manganese helps strengthen body immune mechanisms
· MinPlex® Manganese promotes bone development and growth in young animals
· MinPlex® Manganese minimizes postparturient complications (calving problems, retained placenta)
· MinPlex® Manganese reduces incidence of thin shelled eggs, leathery eggs and shell breakage in eggs
· MinPlex® Manganese helps ameliorate stress
· MinPlex® Manganese aids rapid correction of Manganese deficiency (primary and secondary)
· MinPlex® Manganese improves livestock performance (hatchability, feed conversion, livability, meat, milk, eggs)
· MinPlex® Manganese is free from toxicity at recommended levels, easily available and economical in use

MinPlex® Manganese is composed of elemental Manganese 5% in chelated form with amino acids.

MinPlex® Manganese is recommended for use in Premixes only. MinPlex® Manganese is not recommended to be used directly in feed.

Large animals (dairy, beef cattle, horses): 3.5 - 4.5 g per head per day
Sheep / Goat: 0.7 – 0.8 g per head per day
Poultry and Swine: 500 – 1000g per ton of feed

The Inclusion levels of MinPlex® Manganese are often based on local regulations. Please consult your Nutritionist or Technical Services Cell of Bentoli for further assistance.

For best results, ensure accurate addition and thorough mixing of the product.

MinPlex® Manganese is a off white to yellow colored free flowing powder, with a bland odor.
Change in color of the product does not affect its performance.

MinPlex® Manganese is a product approved for sale and use by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) in USA.

MinPlex® Manganese is stable for 18 months from the date of manufacture.

MinPlex® Manganese should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container closed when not in use.

MinPlex® Manganese is available in 25kg (55lb) heat sealed PE bags.

MinPlex® Manganese is compatible for use with all commonly used ingredients in feed and premixes.

Manganese Minimum 5%
Moisture Maximum 10%
Crude Protein Minimum 35%
Crude Fat Maximum 2%
Ash Maximum 30%
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