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  • Suzhou Weihua
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  • Xu Binglong
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  • 86 - 512 - 65378000
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  • 86 - 512 - 65373220
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  • Suzhou
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  • Jiangsu
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  • China
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  • 215152
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  • Dongxin Road, No.37, Dongqiao Town, Xiangcheng District
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  • http://www.weihuachem.com
Product Description
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : 25kg airproof with the standard paper barrel within two plastic bags
Product Origin : China
L-ascorbic acid is also named Vitamin C (Vc), being in any alive structure and playing an important role in maintaining people's life. With the development of feed and fishery industry, it is standing a key place as a nutritious feed additive, especially in aquiculture, because aquatic animals such as fish and lobster can't compose Vc by themselves and must get it from food. In short of Vc, fish will disgust food, glow more slowly, right or side protruding backbone, blooding of fin, scarfskin and flesh, mandible erosion, bloody and protruding eye ball, the abnormal in supporting structure of eye, gill and fin, which leads to erosion gill, red scale and other illness. In short of Vc, lobster will glow slowly, soft shell, low frequency and long time of changing shells and produce lots of lobster illness and later to death. Meanwhile, Vc helps to remove some reaction. Therefore Vc is an indispensable additive in fish and lobster and livestock feeds.

Since there is easy oxidation element in Vc structure, it will be easily destroyed in the sun, heating, oxygen, moisture, and mental ion. As the additive for feed, 80%-98% effective parts will be ruined in manufacture and storage. The Vc disappears soon when it is in water as fish and lobster feed. Over much Vc is added in the feeds to meet the end of fish and lobster, which causes much cost and little benefit. The world is looking the way to resolve this problem and get the following major ways: vinyl fibred cover, fatty cover or airproof, phosphoric acid lipolysis. The practice result of home and abroad proved that stability and efficient of Vc reaches its high point by the composing of L-Ascorbate-2-polyphosphate, Vc polyphosphate, from the ester reaction between Vc and phosphate acid reagent. Vc-2-polyphosphate is the third product of Vc and highly stable. While in all kinds of feeds and absorbed by the animals, protect element is disassembled by phosphate enzyme in the enteron and sends out Vc, which is absorbed by enteron and transformed to every part of animals by blood and play the same role as Vc. Phosphate dismissed by the water can also be absorbed as mineral.
The stable Vitamin C phosphate developed and manufactured by the suzhou Weihua Chemicals Co.,Ltd is a high stable Vc product at global markets in recent years. Using the strong radical triple phosphate bond,it improves the functions of Vitamin C significantly and solves how to stabilize Vitamin C. With the biological vitality of Vitamin C and the high cell-energized phosphate bond,it is now the newest and idealistic aquatic product and the Vc additive for livestock and birds. Coming from the easter reaction between Vitamin C and active phosphate under the hi-active activator it is stable to air, water and sea water, high temperature and pressure and metalions while being absorbed and used following full dissociation acted by the animal enzyme so as to improve the liveability and Take off the hull ratio, prevent or remove the activation of livestock and birds and reduce the feeding rate, therefore the huge profit of cultivation may be realized
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