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Rich Red Cimelia
Rich Red Cimelia
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  • Wuxi Zhengda Poultry Co., Ltd
  • Contact Person
  • Wuxi ZhengDa
  • Telephone
  • 86 - 510 - 88551884
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  • 86 - 510 - 88551475
  • Town/City
  • Wuxi
  • State/Province
  • Jiangsu
  • Country/Location
  • China
  • Postal Code
  • 214041
  • Street Address
  • 281 Xicheng Road
  • Website
  • http://www.wxzhengda.com
Product Description
Product Name : Rich Red Cimelia
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : 25kg/barrel
Product Origin : China
-Facilitate micro-circulatory function, make pig's skin ruddy and shiny.
-Sterilize, improve immune function, prevent anemia, its absorptive utilization ratio is three to six times that of inorganic salts.
-Improve pig's daily weight, fodder's utilization ratio and body quality.

Analysis guarantee value of main composition:
Main composition: inner complex of composite organic trace element with high biologic effect and good taste, no incompatibility with vitamin and antibiotic, promoting the enzyme activity inside animal's body, complementing both trace element and amino acid.
Effective composition:
-Ferrous glycine (on Fe, g) : 60
-Cupric Lysine (on Cu, g) : 19.5
-Zinc Methionine (on Zn, g) : 27

Function and efficacy:
  Ruddy skin - add the product to improve largely pig's blood iron so as to increase erythrocyte and ferrohemoglobin in blood, and promote micro-circulatory function so as to make pig's skin ruddy and shiny.
  Prevent diseases –the product has the function of sterilization and improving immune function, its absorptive utilization ratio is three to six times that of inorganic slats, and can gain the same effect for preventing anemia as ferrous dextran by muscular injection.
  Increase effect –obviously increase daily weight of growing fat breeding pig and utilization ratio of fodder, decrease young pig's death rate, improve body quality, increase sow's reproduction, and decrease sow's multiparous elimination rate.
  Increase egg production - increase laying hen's egg-laying rate, decrease consumption rate of fodder. Diminish the death rate, enhance eggshell's intensity and make eggshell ruddy and shiny.

Usage (adding dosage in per ton of fodder):
-Weaned young pig, growing fat breeding pig: 100-150g
-Sow: 30-50g
-Laying-egg period of laying hen: 50-100g
-Freshwater fish, shrimp, crab: 100-150g

Storage: in shady and place

Quality assurance period: 12 months

Approved document No.: Jiangsu Feed Premix Code(2001) 052101
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