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  • KangZhuang Pharmaceutical
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  • Li Jun Gao
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  • 86 - 317 - 2052098
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  • 86 - 317 - 2052628
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  • Cangzhou
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  • Hebei
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  • China
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  • 061001
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  • Xi Zhang Zhuang Zi Gong Ye Yuanq
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  • http://www.czhg.com.cn
Product Description
Product Name : Cellulase
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : /
Product Origin : China
This is a enzyme product developed with high quality fungus, finely cultivating process, modern equipment and advanced techniques. It has high activity property, with a great strength of decomposing coarse fiber and high transform rate. It can increase the flavour of foodstuff. It has a very wide foreground for vegetarian and foodstuff with high content coarse fiber.

Main ingredients:
-This product mainly contains C1 enzyme, Cx enzyme and fiber disaccharide enzyme.
-Cellulase activity ≥5000 units/g, water≤12%。

Main effects:
 1. It can stimulate the growth of the domestic animals, and enhance the meat-producing rate. The weight gain of the domestic animals can be increased by over 15%, the milk-producing rate can be improved by over 10%, and decrease the ratio of foodstuff and meat.
 2. It can improve the using rate of the foodstuff, decompose coarse fiber, stimulate the domestic animals’ absorbance of nutrients and decrease the consumption of the foodstuff.
 3.Increase the domestic animals’ use potential for straw, hay shell, etc., and enlarge the source of foodstuff.
 4.It can increase the non-conventional foodstuff contents of day food, decrease foodstuff cost and improve the economic profit.
 5. Safe, easily to use, economic and is accordance with the demand of environmental friendly raw materials.

This product is suitable for all the domestic animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, geese, etc.

Usage and dosage:
Usage: Mixing this product with small amount of foodstuff, then blending with the needed foodstuff.
Dosage: mixing with the foodstuff pro ratio of 0.1%, that is, adding 1kg this product into 1kg foodstuff mixture. According to the coarse fiber content of day food, this product can be added to 0.15-0.20%.

Expired date:
24 months

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