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Compound Enzyme
Compound Enzyme
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  • KangZhuang Pharmaceutical
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  • Li Jun Gao
  • Telephone
  • 86 - 317 - 2052098
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  • 86 - 317 - 2052628
  • Town/City
  • Cangzhou
  • State/Province
  • Hebei
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  • China
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  • 061001
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  • Xi Zhang Zhuang Zi Gong Ye Yuanq
  • Website
  • http://www.czhg.com.cn
Product Description
Product Name : Compound Enzyme
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : /
Product Origin : China
Kang zhuang Compound enzyme is a kind of high efficient bio-active compound enzyme. It is fermented by modern bio-technological process and animal nutritive theory ,through careful selecting and cultivating multi-beneficial bacteria.

I.Main components:
Its chief components are proteinase ,amylase ,
β-glucanase , vitamins and etc.

·The product is compounded with the chief components by orthogonal test.
·The product is made by modern process , consists of comprehensive enzyme , highly active ingredients with strong action.
·Low cost with high return.
·It can obviously destroy the antinutrilites of feed.
·Heat-resistant ,and stabile.
·Long period validity which can extend to two years.
·No adverse effect with the use of antibiotics.

·Replenish digestive ferments for shortage in young animal ,and improve digestibility of protein ,starch ,etc .
·Decompose cellulose and improve digestibility of all nutrient matter.
·Reduce the fluids viscosity of intestines and improve digestibility.
·Enhance animal growth and improve the production of milk ,egg , or meat by 4-10%.
·Improve the quality of meat ,egg and milk.
·Increase animal resistance towards diseases,and reduce the death ratio.
·Improve the environment of breeding.
·No negative effect ,no remanent , the alternative of antibiotic, and environmental friendly fodder.

The product is suitable for pig, ox ,sheep ,poultry ,and fish, shrimp ,sea-raising species and etc.

  Method : mixed thoroughly with a 5kg of feed ,then blend the mixture with the remaining feed.
  Dosage :adding with the ratio of 0.05-0.1%.

·The product should not be boiled ,and could be pelletized below 80℃.
·Select the correct type of compound-enzyme product according to the animal category.
·Stored in cool ,dry and ventilate place ,the period of validity is 24 months.

VII.Breeding effect.
  The field trial showed that the product could improved the feed-convertion ratio by 5-9%,the daily weight gain of 2-5% ,and overall benefit above 16%.
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