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Improved Enzymed Probiotics for Pig
Improved Enzymed Probiotics for Pig
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Product Name : Improved Enzymed Probiotics for Pig
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : 25Kg Per Bag
Product Origin : China
It is high effective biology-active compound enzyme, which using modern biology technique and animal nutrition elements. It comes into being through much bacterium with high quality being fermented.

★KEY ELEMENT: It has abundance albumen enzyme, amylase, fruit mucus enzyme, fibrin enzyme, xylan enzyme, ß- polysaccharid enzyme, and so on. It is suitable for all kind of animal and poultry fodder. It has all sorts of vitamin, promoting gene for growth and all sorts of improving growth bacterium. ALBUMEN ENZYME≥3200 u, AMYLASE≥1680u, IMPROVING GROWTH BACTERIUM/G ≥46000000000,WARTER≤9%.

1. It improves stomach and intestines' enginery, restrains the disease original bacterium’s growth in intestines, improves economy's immunity power, reduces incidence of a disease and death rate.

2. It accelerates the assimilation and absorbable ability to nutriment in fodder and improves the transform rate of fodder 5-9%.

3. It accelerates growth and improves the output of meat, egg, milk 2-5%

4. It improves the quality of meat, egg, and milk. It can debases cholesterin and improves the colour and luster of eggshell and vitelline.It can add to the thickness of eggshell, reduce monstrosity of egg and accelerate the muscle rate.

5. It can improve the breeding circumstance and reduce the smell of animal and poultry’s dejecta and ammonia in barn.

6. It is convenience and boon. It can be mixed in fodder directly .It can improve economic benefit about16%.

7. It has no harm and side-effect. It is green product.

★It is suitable for the following animal and poultry:
Pig, chicken, cow , pigeon, partridge, fish, and shrimp, and so on.
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