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Growth Essence for Aquatic Products
Growth Essence for Aquatic Products
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  • Company Name
  • Wuxi Zhengda Poultry Co., Ltd
  • Contact Person
  • Wuxi ZhengDa
  • Telephone
  • 86 - 510 - 88551884
  • Fax
  • 86 - 510 - 88551475
  • Town/City
  • Wuxi
  • State/Province
  • Jiangsu
  • Country/Location
  • China
  • Postal Code
  • 214041
  • Street Address
  • 281 Xicheng Road
  • Website
  • http://www.wxzhengda.com
Product Description
Product Name : Growth Essence for Aquatic Products
Unit Size : 25 kg
Packaging Type : Bag
Product Origin : China
-Increase 20-30% growth rate of fish, shrimps and crabs.
-Increase body immunity and disease-resisting ability.
-High reward and good effect

Main composition:
This product is biological active substance with high concentration extracted from chitin with high-tech developed by Wuxi Zhengda Biotechnology Research Institute. It is a natural green aquatic fodder additive in 21 century.

Function features:
-It has strong food-luring and digestion-promoting effect. After using the product the aquatic products can increase appetite and speed of food intake. The rate of fodder digestion and absorption is increased obviously.
-It has obvious fattening and growth-promoting effect. This product can stimulate endocrine, facilitate synthesis of fat and protein, plumps up fish and increase 20-30% growth speed of fish, shrimps and crabs.
-This product is rich in active calcium and phosphorus. It can effectively facilitate rapid absorption of such mineral salts as calcium and phosphorus by animal body, increase hardness of the shells and prevent soft shell after fast growth.
-It increase body immunity and disease resisting ability. This product can increase immune response ability of aquatic animal during stress. It has good adaptability to such environmental changers as water temperature and water quality.
-It is a pure, natural, and environmental friendly feed additive, safe and high efficient, without toxic and side effect.

Usage and dosage:
-Japanese prawn, South American white prawn, spot shrimp, green shrimp, river crab, eel; turtle, sea water and fresh water fish, etc.

-Dilute step by step, add 200-500 g/ton of fodder for normal fish; add 500-1000 g/ton of fodder for special aquatic animals such as shrimps, crab, turtles and sea water fish.

Storage: store in a airproof and moisture-proof container

Packaging: 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag, and 25 kg/bag

Quality Guarantee period: 12 months

Product Warrant Number: Jiangsu Feed Premix Code(2001)052402
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