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Emalon® F Liquid
Emalon® F Liquid
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  • Bentoli AgriNutrition Asia Pte Ltd
  • Contact Person
  • Philip Blair Magdaherin
  • Telephone
  • 65 - 64812324
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  • 65 - 64812306
  • Town/City
  • Singapore
  • Country/Location
  • Singapore
  • Postal Code
  • 738068
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  • 2 Woodlands, Sector 1, #05-03
  • Website
  • http://www.bentoli.com.sg
Product Description
Product Name : Emalon® F Liquid
Unit Size : 25 l.
Packaging Type : Plastic container
Product Origin : Singapore

Emalon® F Liquid The Comprehensive Antioxidant System for All Animal Feeds Role of Antioxidants in feed and premixes Fats, vitamins, pigments are essential and integral components of feed. The stability of these nutrients is based on their chemical composition. The unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and pigments carry unsaturated bonds, which are vulnerable to degenerative changes under influence of oxygen, known as oxidation or autoxidation as it is a spontaneous reaction. Thus, feed or premixes which carry these susceptible nutrients can get oxidized during production and storage. Once oxidized, the nutrients lose their original characteristics and lose their nutritive nature; their oxidative end products impart offensive color, odor and taste. Such a feed or ingredient is termed ‘rancid’. These oxidized molecules are also toxic principles and can be harmful to animal tissue and metabolism. Thus, feed or premixes which carry these susceptible nutrients can get oxidized during production and storage. Oxidation is a sequential process of Initiation, Propagation and Termination phases with definite products of oxidation from each stage. The Phase of Initiation is triggered and catalyzed by trace minerals leading to formation of free radicals which continue breaking further unsaturated bonds and multiply their number in the Phase of Propagation. The Termination Phase is characterized by condensation of such oxidative end products into stable compounds such as aldehydes and ketones, which impart feed or premix with their characteristic color, odor and taste. Feed or premixes at any given point can have all possible combinations of these end products and depending on their predominance, the feed or raw material or premix will show change in color or odor or taste. Research has shown over years that oxidation significantly affects nutritive value and palatability of feed and eventually the performance of livestock. Chemical substances capable of binding or neutralizing free radicals are known as antioxidants, such as Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, TBHQ, gallates, etc. However, these are effective only on the Phase of Propagation. Thus, it calls for an antioxidant system rather than an antioxidant itself which would protect fats, vitamins and pigments in all stages. The practical aspect of usage of antioxidants led the industrial research develop a Complete Antioxidant System addressing all the issues concerning the spectrum, efficacy, dispersion and economy. DESCRIPTION Emalon® F Liquid is a complete antioxidant system developed by design of research composed of synergistic antioxidants, chelating agents, surfactants and dispersing agents for superior spectrum, efficacy and distribution. FEATURES · Emalon® F Liquid is a synergistic antioxidant compound for sequential blockade of oxidative phases · Emalon® F Liquid has surfactants and dispersing agents BENEFITS · Emalon® F Liquid offers superior and wide spectrum of antioxidant activity · Emalon® F Liquid protects fats, vitamins and pigments in feed or premix from oxidation · Emalon® F Liquid helps to preserve nutritive value of feed or premix · Emalon® F Liquid mixes and disperses uniformly in feed or premix · Emalon® F Liquid is stable at pelleting temperatures · Emalon® F Liquid retains palatability of feed or premix · Emalon® F Liquid improves animal production and performance COMPOSITION Emalon® F Liquid is composed of BHA, Ethoxyquin, Citric acid, Phosphoric acid, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and surfactants. INCLUSION LEVELS Emalon® F Liquid is recommended at the rate of 125 – 150 grams per ton of feed. The inclusion levels of Emalon® F Liquid are also dependent on the levels of ether extract, moisture and storage period of feed or premix. Please consult your Nutritionist or Technical Services Cell of Bentoli for further assistance. APPLICATION Emalon® F Liquid is recommended to be added directly into the mixer or into the premix. For best results, ensure accurate addition and thorough mixing of the product. APPEARANCE Emalon® F Liquid is an amber liquid with a pleasant odor. Change in color of the product does not affect its performance. AUTHORIZATION The ingredients of Emalon® F Liquid are approved for sale and use in animal feeds by FDA in the USA. Emalon® F Liquid has no residual effect or withdrawal periods. STABILITY Emalon® F Liquid is stable for 12 months from the date of manufacture. STORAGE Emalon® F Liquid should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container closed when not in use. PRESENTATION Emalon® F Dry is available in 25 liters plastic containers. COMPATIBILITY Emalon® F Liquid is compatible for use with all commonly used ingredients in feed and premixes.

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