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  • Shanghai Bangcheng Biotech Co., Ltd.
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  • Bao Quan Wang
  • Telephone
  • 86 - 21 - 64766200
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  • 86 - 21 - 64768599
  • Town/City
  • Shanghai
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  • China
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  • 200231
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  • 462 Shangzhong Road
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  • http://www.bcsl.com.cn
Product Description
Product Name : Antioxident
Unit Size : 20 kg
Packaging Type : Packed in 20kg/paper bag lined with plastic
Product Origin : China
Special antioxidant of high-fat feed

During the manufacture process and store of feeds, the oxidative destruction of nutrients begins during ingredient manufacture and continues until absorption occurs in the digestive tract of an animal. Therefore adding an effective antioxdant into the feeds should be an important choice to realize any feed quality control program.

ANTIOXIDENT, which is manufactured by Shanghai Bangcheng Feed Science & Technology Co., Ltd, is a high-quality antioxidant. It possesses a unique and excellent antioxidant effects.

Ethoxy quinoline(EQ), Butylated hydroxy toluene(BHT), Citric acid, Glycerine, Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid(EDTA), Pyrophosphoric acid, Silico-aluminate, etc.

- Less dosage, less cost.
- Advanced, unique formula and strict quality control assure excellent antioxidant effects.
- Compound feed antioxidant effectively avoids oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid, vitamins and amino acids in feed.
- Excellent affinity to fat-soluble matters such as fat or fat-soluble vitamins.
- Improves function of Vitamin E, increases hatchability and then increases feed efficiency.
- Has beneficial effect on the color of eggs and skin of animal and improve the quality of animal product.
- Possesses anti-mold or bacteria activity and keep feed fresh.
- Protect vitamins, trace elements such as Fe, Zn, Se in premix from oxidation.

Appearance: from grey to brown powder
Guaranty: 40 mesh ≥90%
EQ: 9-10.5%
Effective ingredients: ≥40%

Reference dosages are listed in the following:(Unit: per 1000kg)
Formulated feed: 150-300g
Concentrated feed: 600-800g
Premixed feed: 800-1000g
Vitamin premixture: 7500-12500g
Oil used in feed: 1000-1500g
Fish meal: 1500-2500g
Animal by-product(Meat and Bone Meal): 1000-1500g
Alfalfa or other hay meal: 300-500g

1. Dosage should be increased 20% if air humidity is over 70% and temperature is over 28℃.
2. Dosage should be increased 5% if storage period of feed is over 30 days.
3. Dosage should be increased 30% per 1% oil added if the percent of oil in feed is over 4%.

Package: Packed in 20kg/paper bag lined with plastic.
Storage: Store in shady, cool and dry place with good ventilation.
Quality assuring period: 12 months
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